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Here at Alfa Chem, our mission is to provide you with a single, easy to use, low cost solution for all of your chemical supply needs. We bring you goods from China, India, Spain and the rain forest, including Bulk Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Food Ingredients, Private Label OTC's, Nutritional Supplements, Preservatives, Biocides and Bismuth Salts. Our specialty is in hard to find chemicals and custom synthesis, from 1kg to full production size lots. For more information on our products, please use the links below:
General Product List
Bulk Chemicals for the Adhesive & Sealants Industry Product List
Bulk Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals
British Herbal Product List
Essential Oil (& Oleoresins)
Botanical Extracts
Food Color Product List 
Intermediate Pharmaceutical Materials Product List
Cosmetic Chemicals
Natural Essential Oils
Bismuth Salts
Amino Acids
Biocides & Preservations

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Alfa Chem
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